3000 Series Mobile Robot Stretch Wrap Machine

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Handle-It® Mobile Robot Stretch Wrap Machine

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The Handle-It 3000 series Mobile Pallet Wrapper is ideal for applications that have a variety of pallet lengths. You also have the ability to bring the machine to the pallets and be able to stow it away when not in use.

The unit is a true semi-automatic machine and has an auto pallet height sensor, 250% film pre-stretch, and a variable drive motor that drives the machine around the pallet as it wraps.

It will greatly improve wrap consistency and productivity vs. hand wrapping and provides a flexible option compared to traditional turntable-style wrappers. 

  • Panasonic Touch Screen - Controls drive speed and carriage raise and lower speed
  • Photo Eye Pallet Height Sensor - Automatically senses the height of pallet, press start, and the full cycle will complete
  • Safety Bumper - Safety belt bumper will shut the machine down if it hit an object.
  • 110v Charging Port - Easily plug into 110v for charging
  • Charge Capacity - Wraps up to 250 pallets per charge or 8 hours of use.
Model Number SWM-MR-3000
Machine Dimensions 72" L x 30" W x 99" H
Machine Weight 900 lbs.
Drive Speed 1.6 - 4.4 feet per second
Wrap Height 94"/118"
Max Daily Workload 350 cycles
Pre-Stretch 250% Powered