6" x 2" Performa Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel (1/2" Precision Br.),450# Cap

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6" x 2" Colson® Thermoplastic Rubber Performa Wheel

The Colson Performa wheel uses a proprietary thermoplastic rubber compound for its tread which is self-healing if punctured or damaged. The crowned tread provides a smooth rolling experience and easy swivel while also providing cushion for rolling over bumps and thresholds. This wheel is designed to work well on a variety of rolling surfaces, and the specialized tread allows for a longer lifespan than a typical cushioned wheel.

Tread: Self-Healing Thermoplastic Rubber

Core: Polyolefin

Bearing: Sealed Precision Bearing 

  • Capacity: 450 Lbs. 
  • Color: Gray on Gray
  • Durometer: Shore A 65 (±5)
  • Temperature Range: -45°F to 180°F intermittent service (120°F continuous service)
Colson Part Number 5.00006.555
Load Capacity 450 Lbs. 
Wheel Diameter 
Tread Width 
Tread Type 
Self-Healing Thermoplastic Rubber 
Core Type 
Axle / Bore Diameter 
Hub Length 
Bearing Type  Sealed Precision Bearing 
Wheel Color  Gray on Gray 
Durometer  Shore A 65 (±5)
Temperature Range -45°F to 180°F intermittent service (120°F continuous service)