Airless Spray Valve 115 V AC

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Lincoln® Airless Spray Valve 115 V AC

No air required - three words that describe why Lincoln's innovative new Airless Spray System is the only system of its kind on the market. But it takes many more words to list all the benefits of technological advances the airless spray valve has to offer. 

No air required means that mining, concrete, steel and other heavy industries can look forward to dependable high pressure lubricant spraying that's low-maintenance and cost-effective.

Eliminates freeze ups because it works in a wide range of temperatures. The system requires less plumbing and the non-atomizing spray reduces lubricant consumption and fogging. The system's constant lube temperature makes the spray pattern more uniform. A more powerful spray forces lube into surface pores. And with the system's wide range of spray patters, lubricant gets where it's needed.

The heart of the Airless Spray system, the spray unit allows for adjustable lubricant volume output while producing a non atomizing spray, reducing lubricant consumption. The duration of the spray is adjustable to minimize drippage.

  • Dependable, low-maintenance, cost-effective high-pressure system 
  • No freeze-ups; reduced plumbing, fogging and lubricant consumption 
  • Sprays a consistent pattern over a wide range of temperatures
  • Choice of spray patterns puts lube where needed 
  • Spray widths of 24"  or more from distances of 18" or more
  • Adjustable lubricant volume output 
  • Sprays some previously unsprayable lubricants 
  • Adjustable spray duration minimizes drippage 
Model No. 85418
Brand Lincoln
Power 115 Volts AC
Operating Voltage 115 VAC
Solenoid Valve Initial Current .18 Amps
Heater Current  1.80 Amps