Airless Spray Valve Duplex Filter Assembly

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Lincoln® Airless Spray Valve Duplex Filter Assembly

Dual filter panel with operator valve to select one of the two filters. The other filter is isolated from the system pressure for uninterrupted service and easy element replacement.

Lincoln\s airless spray filter panel is a complete unit with two filter units and dual pressure gauge. The panel design allows for fileter units to be changed while the unit is in operation.

The system not only handles greases up to NLGI #2, it can spray some lubricants previously considered unsprayable. The system's pressure monitor also shuts the lubricant off at a predefined setting, minimizing dribble at the end of a cycle.

  • Dependable, low-maintenance, cost-effective high-pressure system
  • No freeze-ups; reduces plumbing, fogging and lubricant consumption 
  • Sprays a consistent pattern over a wide range of temperatures 
  • Choice of spray patterns puts lube where needed 
  • Spray widths of 24" or more from distances of 18" or more 
  • Adjustable lubricant volume output 
  • Sprays some previously unsprayable lubricants 
  • Adjustable spray duration minimizes drippage
Model No. 85419
Brand Lincoln