ASTM K12 Traffic Impact Crash Rated Bollard

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ASTM K12 Traffic Impact Crash Rated Bollard

Ideal Shield's ASTM K12 Crash Rated Bollard is the strongest safety bollard in the catalog as it has the ability to stop 15,000 lb. vehicles at 50 mph with 1.2-meter penetration. 

Tested and certified with ASTM F2656-07 M50 rating (K12), these steel security bollard barriers have been approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) and are now listed on the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List

But it's not just the strength and sense of security that sets these storefront bollards apart.

The simple Set & Pour installation will also make life easier for everyone. Simply set a single prefabricated bollard in the excavation and pour in the concrete (no rebar in the foundation). Don't worry about tying, bolting, welding, assembly, or specialty subgrade, as it is not required. Excavation 48" wide by 36" deep with 4000 psi concrete. The bollards are one single unit with a lifting pin and are also field adjustable, as it is easy to install with turns and across grade elevation changes using a standard bollard.

The security bollards are cost-effective as the posts are designed to have a bi-directional stopping capability and unrestricted spacing limit while maintaining ASTM M50 P1 certification.

Need temporary protection? The K12 Bollards are also available in a removable option for temporary access areas.

  • Stops 15,000lb. vehicle at 50 MPH
  • Simple Install; No Rebar Required in Foundation
  • Quick Installation at Significantly Reduced Cost
  • Square Cut, Auger, or Trench for Installation 
  • Prefabricated Single Bollard Unit 
  • Any Bollard Spacing is Certified
  • Field Adjustable: Bollard Array Easily Follows Turns & Grade Changes
  • Bi-Directional Stopping Capability
  • Removable Bollard Option Available
  • Available as Bollard Sign System for parking lot applications 
  • Variety of Bollard Covers, Finishes, and Systems
  • Steel Inserts Available for Better Fitting Bollard Covers