AutoTwirler Classic Body Cart w/ 10" Polyon Cast Wheels

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AutoTwirler® Classic Body Cart

The Body Car Classic is your ticket for a low-cost, universal heavy duty body cart.

It has 10" x 2" Polyurethane on cast Iron wheels rated for 1,250 lbs. capacity each. With the Polyurethane casters, carts are rated at 3,000 lbs. capacity and two of the casters have brakes

The rubber casters capacity is 500 lbs making the cart capacity 2.000 lbs. max.

This cart is fixed height at 22" high. The mounting pads are designed to hold a frame or frame rails on your body.

*1 Year factory warranty.

Capacity 3000 lbs.
Weight 155 lbs.
Wheel Type Four 10" polyurethane on cast swivel casters, two with top lock brakes
Brand AutoTwirler
Width 40" to 65" Adjustable width and length
Height 22"