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Bluff® Aluminum Dock Plate 3/8" Thick

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Bluff® Aluminum Dock Plate 3/8" Thick

• Recommended for non-powered loading applications

• Low-cost solution to light activity applications

• Bolt-on steel legs for securing position between the dock and the trailer

• Lip bend is 11°. Standard lip length for conventional trailers is 11"; option of 14" for refrigerated applications

• Designed to work well with pallet trucks or other non-powered loading equipment

• Machine beveled deck edges allow for smooth transition

Material Diamond plated 1/2" aluminum
Model No's -A3636
Capacities -3,269 lbs.
-2,429 lbs.
-4,342 lbs.
-6,242 lbs.
Weights -64 lbs.
-80 lbs.
-105 lbs.
-83 lbs.
Difference of Height Reach -3"