CARTCOP Laundry Cart Tracking Mount, 4 Pack

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R & B Wire CARTCOP Laundry Cart Tracking Mount, 4 Pack

CartCop helps laundromat owners track their R&B Wire laundry carts via Apple AirTag. CartCop is designed to help reduce laundromat expenses related to laundry cart theft. Able to be tracked with any Apple device via Apple AirTag, this anti-theft solution mounts securely to any 100, 200, or 201 series R&B Wire laundry cart. CartCop features an anti-tamper design, with tamper-resistant hardware, to keep you in control of who can remove it. CartCop is perfect for unattended laundromats, or laundromats that have an attendant, but still, let customers take carts out to their cars.

  • Anti-tamper design, with tamper-resistant hardware, keeps the CartCop secured to your laundry cart
  • A special anti-tamper wrench is provided with each order. Keeps you in control of who can remove it
  • No GPS subscription fees! AirTag pings the GPS coordinates of anyone's nearby Apple device to provide you with its current location via the Apple Find My app
  • Compatible with all new and existing 100, 200, and 201 series R&B Wire brand laundry carts (sold separately)
  • AirTag NOT included

What's included?

  • 4 CartCop devices (to equip four carts)
  • 4 sets of anti-tamper hardware
  • 1 special anti-tamper wrench

Apple, AirTag and Find My are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

Increase Bottom-Line Profits

At R&B Wire, we know the importance of running a profitable laundromat that gives you the power to scale as you see fit. To attain a consistent monthly ROI, it's important to reduce as many unnecessary laundromat expenses as possible. With CartCop, not only will you be able to monitor where your carts are at all times, you'll save your employees time spent outside searching for company equipment. Another benefit you should not overlook is the increase in customer satisfaction. Customers are far less likely to return to a laundromat where they have to wait around for equipment. Position yours as the best in the area by ensuring carts are readily available for any new or returning customers.