Column Protector - Sentry Protection Products (Medium)

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Column Protector - Sentry Protection Products (Medium)

Column Sentry Medium column protector Yellow. Installation Method (2) Halves- Strap Together, Includes (2) Black Nylon Straps. Column Sentry is the original, patented, heavy-duty column protector designed to minimize the force of forklift impact and damage to columns, surrounding supports, vehicles, and operators. Manufactured with low-density polyethylene, Column Sentry's exclusive features include a patented air chamber and anchor bolt slots. Weatherproof, chemical resistant, and UV stabilized. Easy to install. Designed to fit around H, square, or round columns. 56 lbs.

The FE (Fire Extinguisher) Models (CS2442-8SFE and CS2442-12SFE) feature a cut-out that is 10" wide x 8" deep with a height of 34" at the cut-out. This is to accommodate items mounted on the column like fire extinguishers, electrical boxes, etc.

Model No. Column Size Column Shape
CS2442-6S 6"x6" Square
CS2442-8S 8"x8" Square
CS2442-8SFE 8"x8" Square (Fire Extinguisher Cut out)
CS2442-8x10H 8"x10" H
CS2442-9R 9"x9" Round
CS2442-10S 10"x10" Square
CS2442-10x10H 10"x10" H
CS2442-12S 12"x12" Square
CS2442-12SFE 12"x12" Square (Fire Extinguisher Cut out)