Compact Lubrication System QLS 421 (SSV18, 24V DC)

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Lincoln® QLS 421 Compact Lubrication System SSV18, 24V DC

The QLS 421 is a complete lubrication system that includes all necessary monitoring and control functions. All components including an internal pressure relief valve are part of the package. The comprehensive list of standard features is a remarkable characteristic of the QLS 421.

The integrated, all-in-one system concept reduces installation time and costs. The QLS 421 is designed for all industrial and mobile applications. Up to 18 lubrication points can reliably be supplied directly from the pump and monitored at an affordable price.

QLS 421 is designed for mobile trailers and uses the power of a trailer's brake lights and contains a unique controller that keep strack of the time it is in use by monitoring its vibration.

Model No. P42191402531
Brand Lincoln
Voltage 24 VDC
Valve Type SSV18
Reservoir Size (L) 1 liter
Valve Mount  Back 
Cable  19 Feet