Diaphragm Pump Aluminum 1/2"

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Lincoln® 1/2" Aluminum Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pumps are driven by compressed air. The directional air distribution valve and pilot valve - the "air end" - are located in the center section of the pump. Liquid moves through two manifolds and outer chambers of the pump - the "wet end".

Generally, check valves are located at the top and bottom of each outer chamber or on a common manifold. The two outer chambers are connected by suction and discharge manifolds. Lincoln's double diaphragm self-priming design offers many advances over other pumps.

For use with new oil and antifreeze: 

  • Pumps Viscous Materials
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Runs Dry without Damage
Model No. 85633
Pump Body 
Wetted or Soft Parts
Size Inlet NPT 
Outlet NPT 
Free Delivery 
15 gal. 
Air Inlet NPT (f) 1/4"
Maximum Pressure  100 psi/6,89 bar
Element Particle Size  1/8"
Application  New Oil