EKKO EG30 Tow Tractor - 10,000 lbs Tow Capacity

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  • Robust Design and Construction
  • Superior Maneuverability
  • Towing Capacity: 10,000 lbs

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EKKO LIFTS EG30 Tow Tractor

Introducing the EKKO LIFTS EG30 Tow Tractor, a robust and versatile electric tow tractor designed for superior tugging and pulling in various industrial settings. Combining high-quality materials, advanced engineering, and meticulous craftsmanship, this tow tractor is an essential tool for efficient material handling and logistics operations.

Key Features for Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

  • High Towing Capacity: With a remarkable tow capacity of 10,000 lbs, the EG30 is capable of handling heavy-duty applications, making it perfect for airports, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers.

  • Precision Control: Equipped with a Curtis Controller and AC Drive 1.3, the EG30 offers smooth, responsive control for safe and efficient operation in tight spaces.

  • Superior Maneuverability: Features Electronic Power Steering (EPS) for effortless steering, enhancing operator comfort and reducing fatigue during long shifts.

  • Robust Design and Construction: Built with high-quality steel and components, every EG30 tow tractor is robotically welded and powder-coated for durability and longevity.

  • Ergonomic Operation: Standing drive operation with ergonomic handle and controls ensures comfortable and intuitive use, maximizing productivity and minimizing strain.

  • Reliable Performance: The AC drive motor and Curtis Instrument Controller guarantee reliable performance and easy maintenance, ensuring your operations run smoothly with minimal downtime.

  • Safety and Stability: Polyurethane wheels provide excellent traction and stability, while the steel construction withstands the rigors of daily use in harsh industrial environments.

  • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient: Powered by a 24V/210Ah battery, the EG30 is an environmentally friendly solution that reduces operational costs associated with fuel and maintenance.

Specifications Overview:

  • Model: EG30
  • Operation: Standing Drive for increased visibility and control
  • Overall Dimensions: L 55" x W 32" x H 53", perfectly sized for navigating through narrow aisles and doorways
  • Turning Radius: 49", allowing for tight turns and efficient maneuvering in crowded spaces
  • Maximum Gradient Performance: Capable of climbing gradients of 3% laden and 15% unladen, ensuring reliable performance on slopes
  • Drive Motor: AC1.3 kW for powerful and efficient towing
  • Battery: 24V/210Ah, providing long-lasting power for extended use
  • Service Weight: 1445 lbs, ensuring stability and durability

With its impressive towing capacity, advanced features, and durable construction, the EKKO LIFTS EG30 Tow Tractor is an invaluable asset for any operation requiring reliable and efficient material transportation. Whether it's moving goods in warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities, the EG30 enhances productivity, safety, and operational efficiency, making it a smart investment for businesses looking to optimize their material handling tasks.

        Model   EG30
        Power unit   Electric 
        Operation   Standing
        Tow Weight   (lbs) 10,000
        Overall length   (in) 55
        Overall width   (in) 32
        Overall Height   (in) 53
        Turning radius   (in) 49
        Max gradient performance  laden/unladen   (%) 3/15
        Drive motor    (kW) AC1.3
        Batter voltage/rated capacity  (V/Ah) 24/210
        Type of the drive motor  

        AC Motor speed control

        Noise level at operator sear (dB (A)) 70
        Service weight(with battery)   (lbs) 1445

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