EKKO EK14-130Li Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker - 3300 lbs Capacity

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  • Load Capacity: 3300 lbs
  • Powerful Drive and Lift Motors
  • Adjustable Forks for Flexibility

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EKKO EK14-130Li Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker

The EKKO EK14-130Li Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker represents a significant leap in material handling technology, combining the best attributes of both a forklift and a walkie stacker. This innovative, lithium-powered unit is designed to effortlessly tackle a wide range of tasks, from loading and unloading trucks to efficiently managing stock rooms and warehouses.

Key Features for Superior Performance:

  • Load Capacity and Height: With a robust load capacity of 3300 lbs and a maximum raised height of 130 inches (10.83 ft), the EK14-130Li is perfectly suited for a variety of intensive material handling tasks.

  • Adjustable Forks for Flexibility: The forks can be adjusted from 8.6 to 28.3 inches, coupled with a fork length of 45.3 inches, ensuring versatility and compatibility with different pallet sizes and types.

  • Precision and Control: Equipped with a 2/5 degree tilt functionality and a precise Curtis controller, this stacker offers unparalleled control over your loads, enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • Powerful Drive and Lift Motors: Powered by a 24V center drive motor and a 24V lift motor, the EK14-130Li delivers reliable performance and smooth operation across various terrains and conditions.

  • Lithium Battery Advantage: The inclusion of a 24V/150Ah lithium battery not only offers extended run times but also ensures faster charging and longer battery life, significantly reducing downtime.

  • Designed for Operator Comfort: Featuring an ergonomic handle and controls, polyurethane wheels for smooth operation, and Electronic Power Steering (EPS), this stacker is designed with the operator's comfort and efficiency in mind.

  • Built to Last: The EKKO EK14-130Li boasts steel construction and robotic welding for enhanced durability and reliability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of daily use.

Specifications Overview:

  • Dimensions: Measuring 39"W x 105"L x 84"H, the EK14-130Li is compact enough for maneuvering in tight spaces yet robust enough for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Turning Radius: A minimal turning radius of 62 inches allows for exceptional maneuverability in narrow aisles and tight corners.
  • Charging and Battery: Comes with a 24V/50A charger, facilitating quick and efficient charging of the powerful 24V/210Ah battery.
  • Motors: Features a 24V 2500-watt drive motor for smooth and reliable propulsion, and a 24V 3000-watt lift motor for rapid and consistent lifting capabilities.

With its advanced features and capabilities, the EKKO EK14-130Li Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker is an indispensable tool for any operation looking to enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity in material handling tasks.

        Load Capacity 3300 lbs
        Brand Ekko Lifts
        Dimensions 39"W x 105"L x 84"H
        Fork Width 8.7" - 28"
        Material Specs Steel Frame
        Turning Radius
        Lift Speed (laden vs unladen) 4 / 5.5 in/s
        Charger 24V/50A
        Battery Voltage 24V/210Ah
        Drive Motor 24V 2500-Watt
        Lift Motor 24V 3000 Watt