Electric Lube Meter

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Electric Lube Meter

Electric lube meter comes with a rigid spout and automatic tip. Meter can be used with various fluids.

Max Flow - 8 GPM

Max Operating Pressure - 1500 psi

Fluids Applicable - Motor Oils (SAE 5 through 30), Gear Oils(SAE 80 through 240), Automatic Transmission Fluid, Engine Coolant, Windshield Wiper Fluid Solution

Model No. 981
Inlet NPT (f) 1/2"
Outlet NPT (f) 1/2"
Extension Model 282842
Extension Type Rigid/30°
Extension Tip Auto
Maximum Pressure 1500 psi/103,4/ bar
Free Delivery Gal.  10.0 gal/min