Electrically Driven Oil Pump 8L

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Lincoln® Electrically Driven Oil Pump 8 Liter

The P653S is the central pump station that automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to each injector in a Centro-Matic system. Individual injectors serve only one lubrication point and may be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of lubricant required. Consult a qualified Lincoln distributor or the CentroMatic design guide to identify the correct family of injectors for your application. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Externally adjustable output 
  • Indicator pin permits visual check of injector operation 
  • Easy removal for inspection or replacement without affecting the rest of the system 
  • Dispenses oil-based lubricants with a viscosity up to NLGI 00
  • System design can be modified simply by adding, changing or subtracting injectors or manifolds

Benefits of Automatic Lubrication System:

  • Improves productivity due to gain of 30 to 45 minutes per day vs. manual lubrication 
  • Decreases installation costs and the potential for leaks via single supply line throughout the system 
  • Substantially improves bearing life by delivering frequent, smaller amounts of lubricant to each bearing
  • Lowers maintenance costs by eliminating daily manual lubrication and reducing repairs 
  • Cuts lubricant consumption by delivering exact amount required to each bearing or lubrication point 
  • Improves safety  by eliminating the daily practice of climbing over or under machinery to lubricate 
  • Delivers proper lubrication regardless of the environment or weather conditions 
  • Increases resale value of equipment 


Capacity 8 Liters
Model No. 80128
Brand Lincoln
Incoming Voltage 120/230 V AC
Maximum Current  1.7 A 
Frequency 47 to 63 Hz 
Output Voltage  24 V DC at 5 A 
Minimum Pause Time  4 min. 
Maximum Pause Time  59 hrs. 59 min. 
Pause Time Increments  1 hr.  or 1 min. 
Maximum Pumping Time  12 min. 
Operating Pressure with Pressure Transducer Factory preset to 1,200 psi/82 bar 
Operating Temperature  32°F to 122°F 
Number of Outlets  1
Lubricant oil; minimum 40 mm 2/s (cST)
Output  1.5"/min. 
Reservoir Capacity - 80127: 1 gal. (4 liter) 
- 80128: 2 gal. (8 liter)
Outlet Size  G1/4" 
Piston Diameter   0.3"
Number of Pumping Elements  3

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