Filter Element for Lincoln Air Filters

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Lincoln® Filter Element for Air Filters

Made for use with Lincoln Lubrication air filter models 602108, 602109, 602138 and 602142

Model No. 247874
Brand Lincoln
Fluid  Compressed air 
Maximum Pressure  250 psi/17 bar 
Operating Temperature  0°F to +175°F
Main Ports  1/2" PTF or 3/4" PTF
Gauge Ports  1/4" PTF 
Outlet Pressure Adjustment Range 5 to 150 psig/0.3 to 10 bar 
Filter Element Rating  40um
Body Material  Aluminum 
Bonnet Material  Aluminum 
Valve Material  Brass 
Bowl Material  Aluminum 
Liquid Level Indicator Lens  Transparent Nylon 
Element  Sintered polypropylene plastic 
Elastomers  Neoprene and Nitrile