FlowMaster II Pump and Bucket w/ Sensor 60 lb.

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Lincoln® FlowMaster II Pump and Bucket w/ Sensor 60 lb.

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Continuous innovation increases pump life and simplifies pump installation, operation and service. 

  • Common crankcase design for all FlowMaster motors (hydraulic, AC or DC electric)
  • Less susceptible to grease contamination
  • Pump and reservoir combination models are level-sensor and shut-off system ready 
  • Culmination of years of design and performance improvements makes this a premium-choice pump for single-line parallel lubrication systems 

Crankcase Improvements: 

  • 4-bolt hole pattern for all Flowmaster motors
  •  Dual bearing load support 
  • O-ring seals for all motors
  • Wider bolt-hole pattern for easier top mounting of pump
  • All FlowMaster II pumps will fit existing reservoirs 
  • Dual support ribs for increased strength 
  • Inner seal allows for easy and clean motor replacements without loss of oil 
  • Increased depth of pump tube and crankcase interface for added strength 
  • Integrated oil drain for easier oil change 

Reservoir Improvements: 

  • Reservoir design incorporates 1" fill and 1-1/4" overflow ports
  • Accommodates new 2" follower
  • Lids are designed for top-mounting FlowMaster II pumps 
  • Lids can be easily converted to grease level system operation 
  • Each reservoir includes two lifting eye bolts for safety 
  • Rigid pressure outlet connection fittings are replaced by a single flexible hose

***60 lb. 24 VDC FlowMaster II pump and bucket with sensor 

    Capacity 60 lbs.
    Model No. 85763
    Brand Lincoln
    Power 24 V DC
    Power and Gear Ratio 24 V DC electric, 19:1 
    Size  60 lb. 
    Description  Reservoir and pump