Noblelift - Premium Series Pallet Truck

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Noblelift Premium Series Pallet Jack

Noblelift provides a top class range of pallet trucks with excellent ergonomic designs. This pallet jack is reliable, sturdy, and torsion-resistant due to its extremely strong high quality steel profile. German WAGNER paint system ensures the best powder coating
and painting quality. All pivot points are greased for excellent maneuverability and effortless steering. Chromed bearing bushes and joints ensure quiet running application and particularly long service life. A high quality galvanized whole casting hydraulic pump is robust and durable, with fine control of lowering speed, overload valve, and low maintenance.

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Ergonomic Handle with Comfortable Rubber Grip
  • Handle offers optimized safety and comfort. Three position operational handle lever for lifting, transportation and lowering purposes.
  • Lower Position- to lower load, pull up on the finger tip control.
  • Neutral Position -place fingertip control in this position when pulling the truck load.
  • Lift Position - to raise load, push down on finger tip control, pump handle to raise the load.
  • Galvanized One-Piece Integrated Hydraulic Pump with overload relief valve
  • Axle Mounted, 3 Position Loop Handle (Up/Down/Neutral)
  • Adjustable Push Rod Assembly
  • Fork Tip Entry/Exit Roller
  • 101 Degree Turning Radius
  • Articulation Steer Axle
  • Variety of Fork Sizes Available
  • 5,500 lbs - 6,600 lbs. Capacity
  • Excellent Performance, Low Cost
  • 2.95-in to 7.5-in Fork Height
SKU Fork Size (W x L) Capacity Wheels
AC55-1836 18" x 36" 5500 lbs Standard
AC55-1848 18" x 48" 5500 lbs Standard
AC55-2136 21" x 36" 5,500 lbs Standard
AC55-2142 21" x 42" 5,500 lbs Standard
AC55-2148 21" x 48" 5,500 lbs Standard
AC55-2736 27" x 36" 5,500 lbs Standard
AC55-2742 27" x 42" 5,500 lbs Standard
AC55-2748 27" x 48" 5,500 lbs Standard
AC55-2748NW 27" x 48" 5,500 lbs LB-Nylon Wheels
AC55-2748SW 27" x 48" 5,500 lbs LBS-Steel Wheels