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Lincoln® High Flow Meter

Lincoln now offers a High Flow Electronic Meter, 280690. This unique design gives Lincoln superior flow rates, up to 15 GPM, compared to industry standards at competitive pricing.

The handle design minimizes pressure loss between the inlet and outlet, proven in head-to-head testing, resulting in a higher flow of product. Increase the operator or process efficiency by dispensing large quantities of fluid at a faster rate which is a welcomed solution for multiple applications.

The low temperature rating, down to -4°F, will allow the meters to be used in cold environments.

Model No. 280690
Brand Lincoln
Flow Rate 15 Gal/min.
Inlet NPT (f) 3/4"
Outlet NPT (f) 1/2"
Extension Model  276281
Type Flexible
Tip Auto with manual close
Maximum Pressure  1500 psi/103, 4 bar
Free Delivery 15.0 gal.