Hydaulic Lubricator Hammer Pump HTL

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Lincoln® Hydaulic Lubricator Hammer Pump HTL

Now operators can lubricate the hammer without leaving the cab. The pump attaches directly to the hammer, gripper, or crusher and is connected to the hydraulic power supplier of the carrier. Your operator, with the push of a pedal, automatically sends a single shot of grease to lubricate the bearing points.

When the operators foot leaves the pedal the drop in pressure releases the spring in the pump and recharges it so it is ready to lubricate again the next time the device is activated. This makes the HTL the perfect solution to increasing productivity and achieving optimal performance keeping maintenance and repair costs low.

  • Delivers precise lubrication every time the hammer cycles.
  • Increases productivity - no work interruption
  • Reduces machine repairs and replacement costs.

Hydraulic at Max. - 0.7:1

Max. Operating Pressure - 5000 psig

Max. Lube Outlet Pressure - 6500 psig

Grease Reservoir Volume - 14.5 oz.

Model No. 85424
Brand Lincoln