Hydaulic Lubricator Hammer Pump HTL

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Lincoln® Hydaulic Lubricator Hammer Pump HTL

Arms and breakers move constantly and exert enough to force to demolish a building or repair roads in a tough environment filled with grit and debris. Many OEMs recommend frequent lubrication of that hammer to achieve optimal performance and to hold down maintenance and repair costs. However, deadline-driven operators rarely halt work to grease the hammer, which can lead to breakdowns that grind down productivity and inflate repair expenses. Lincoln's HTL Pumps makes precise, consistent lubrication a reality. Now your operator can lubricate the hammer without leaving the cab. The pumps attach directly to the hammer, and your operator, with the push of a pedal, automatically sends a single shot of hydraulic fluid to the pump. Then the pump gives one shot of grease to lubricate the bearing points. When the operator's foot comes of the pedal, pressure releases the spring in the pump so its ready to lubricate again. 

Applications: construction OEMs, hydraulic hammer retrofits, demolition attachments and medium to larger breakers/hammers

  • Delivers precise lubrication every time the hammer cycles 
  • Increase productivity - no work interruption 
  • Reduces machine repairs and replacement costs
  • Withstands vibrations of an operating hammer
  • Travels with hammer, perfect for rental equipment or hammers used on various machines
  • Hydraulic power supply 
  • Pedal-actuated 
  • Attached grease fitting allows for manual filling and fast priming of pump
  • Uses standard 14.5-oz. grease cartridges and handles chisel paste 
  • To adjust output, metering plugs are available (0.006 in. [0.1 cm] to 0.031" [0.5 cm]
  • Convenient visual low level indicator 
Model No. 85429
Brand Lincoln
Operating Temperature  -10°F to +180°F/-23°C to +80°C
Hydraulic Port  SAE #4 (7/16-20 UNF) O-Ring 
Pump Outlet  SAE #4 (7/16 -20 UNF) O-Ring 
Weight (Empty) 16.3 lbs./7.4 kg.
Weight (Full)  17.3 lbs./7.8 kg. 
Hydraulic Ratio at Maximum Output and Pressure 2.4:1
Maximum Hydraulic Operating Pressure 2600 psi/28 bar
Maximum Recharge (or Vent) Pressure 400 psi/28 bar
Output Per Stroke (Std. Metering Plug) 0.18 cu. in. (0.3 cc) Std. .006 -0.31 cu. in. (0.1-.5 cc) Optional 
Grease Reservoir Volume 14.5 oz.