Hydraulic PowerMaster Motor

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Lincoln Hydraulic PowerMaster Motor

Hydraulic motor for PowerMaster III pump tubes.

  • Designed for oil, ATF and gear oil
  • Safe to use where electric or pneumatic motors may be hazardous.
  • Virtually eliminate concerns about air supply condition and exhaust emissions.
  • Efficiently generates high material pressure and flow rate with minimum hydraulic power consumption.
  • Few internal moving parts. No mechanical linkages or solenoids to fail or wear out.
  • An internal changeover circuit requires no external signal for reciprocating action.
  • Balanced cylinder design eliminates need for separate stroke adjustments.
  • All key components are machined from steel or aluminum to insure long service life in the toughest applications.
  • Hydro-PowerMaster was designed and is manufactured under the strict conditions of an ISO 9001 registered quality system.
Model No. 85300
Cylinder Diameter 2"
Piston Rod Diameter 1-3/8" 
Stroke Length 6"
Hydraulic Fluid Inlet (f) SAE 8
Hydraulic Fluid Outlet (f) SAE 10
Operating Pressure Range 300 to 1500 psi/ 20,4 to 103 bar
Operating Temperature Range  -30°F to +200°F
Fluid Flow Consumption Rate Per Cycle 18.8 cu.in.
Recommended Continuous Speed 75 cycles/minute 
Wetted Parts Materials  Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Nitrile, PTFF, Polyurethane