Hydraulic PowerMaster Motor

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Lincoln Hydraulic PowerMaster Motor

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Ideal for mining, heavy construction and ink applications.

Rugged design with minimum moving parts, maximum reliability and durability in heavyduty applications.

  • Expands pumping capability to higher pressure and higher volume applications
  • Internal logic provides smooth changeover for each stroke
  • No need for external pressure or limit switches and solenoid valves
  • Responds immediately to changes in grease volume and pressure demands
  • Versatile – designed to deliver effectively in transfer and automated lubrication
  • Use with Lincoln’s PowerMaster and PileDriver pump tube
Model No. 86400
Cylinder Diameter 3-1/2"
Piston Rod Diameter 2-1/2"
Stroke Length 6"
Operating Pressure Range 300 to 1500 psi/21 to 103 bar
Operating Temperature Range -30°F to +200°F 
Fluid Consumption Rate 57.7 cu.in./cycle or 1 gal./4 cycles
Hydraulic Fluid Inlet  SAE 10 (female)
Hydraulic Fluid Outlet  SAE 12 (female)
Maximum Recommended Speed 75 cycles/min.
Wetted Part Materials  Steel, bronze, polyurethane, nitrile