Lincoln SL-32 Grease Injector

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Lincoln® SL-32 Grease Injector

  • For single-line, high-pressure central lubrication system
  • For dispensing petroleum-based lubricants with a viscosity up to NLGI No. 2
  • Output is externally adjustable
  • Indicator stem permits visual check of injector operation
  • May be combined in a circuit of injectors SL-33, SL-V, SL-V XL, SL-1 and/or SL-11
  • Individual injectors can be easily removed for inspection or replacement 
  • Available in stainless steel SAE 304, for application where environmental conditions are hazardous to carbon steel or in industries preferring stainless steel 


  • Injectors, except replacement injectors for manifold, include compression nut and ferrule for tubing - 1/8" O.D. as standard. Other outlet connectors for feed line optional 
  • Injectors with manifolds include two mounting clips and screws 
  • Injectors have Nitrile packings (200°F max./93°C). Check packing compatibility with synthetic lubricants 
  • Output with indicator cap hand-tightened is .001 cu. in. Maximum output is achieved with five turns at .0014 cu. in./turn 
Model No. 83336-1
Brand Lincoln
Output Minimum  .001 cu. in./.016 cc. 
Output Maximum  .008 cu. in./.131 cc
Operating Pressure Minimum  1200 psi/83 bar 
Operating Pressure Maximum  3500 psi/241 bar 
Operating Pressure Typical  1500 psi/103 bar 
Operating Pressure Vent  200 psi/14 bar
Stainless Steel (304) 83724-1
Number of Outlets  1
Connections Manifold Inlet  1/4" NPTF (f) 
Connections Injector Outlet  1/8" O.D. Tube