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Makinex Hose 2 Go

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Makinex® Hose 2 Go Constant Pressure Water Supply Unit

Ideal for the Hire and Rental Industry as a dust suppression tool and portable water supply.

The Hose 2 Go has a constant flow of water that allows you to suppress the dust when cutting, core drilling, and grinding concrete.

It's different from every other product on the market because it provides a constant water flow without the use of a pump, battery, or electronics.

An easy-to-use dust suppression tool and portable water supply, which has a handle with two easy carrying positions.

  • No Pump Means Greater Reliability
  • No Complicated Electrics to Breakdown
  • No Battery
  • No Need to Manually Pump to get Water Pressure

Model No. JHT-U-2
Brand Makinex
Upright length 12.8"
Width 5.7"
Upright height (placed horizontally) 31.5"
Horizontal length 31.5in
Horizontal Height 12.8"
Weight (Dry) 12.6 lbs.
Weight (Full) 431 lbs.
Full Tank Capacity 3.65 gal
Continuous Output Pressure 7-10 psi