Manual Grease Pump w/ Base

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Lincoln Manual Grease Pump with Base

These quality manually operated pumps provide fast, clean refilling of differentials, gear cases and final drives. 

  • Cast iron pump outlet body and handle (except model 1293) provide durability and longevity. 
  • Metered models have air expeller built into pump tube (prevents ait from registering on meter). 
  • Large replaceable swivel casters provide ease of maneuverability (mobile models). 
  • Baked enamel finish. Self-contained units and sealed models prevent contamination or spillage of product being dispensed. 
  • Smooth, easy pumping action (no crank or gears) dispenses all types of gear lubricants, even in the coldest weather. 

    *Drum not included

    Model No. 549
    Container  120 lbs. 
    Style  15 ID Drum Cover 
    Base  80895 Roll-A-Round
    Hose Size  5'
    Nozzle  80599