MC 2 - HP Progressive Divider Valve Double Outlet 18T

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Lincoln® MC 2 - HP Progressive Divider Valve Double Outlet 18T

Natural gas compressors operate at higher speeds and pressures than ever before, and profitability depends on machines running continuously with minimal downtime. Lincoln's re-engineering progressive divider valve can revolutionize your operation because it delivers oil reliably and consistently at higher back-pressures and lower lubricant flow rates. 

The improved piston design of the new MC2-HP incorporates a longer land area that substantially minimizes internal leakage, resulting in reliable and accurate oil delivery to all compressor cylinder and rod packing points. In fact, the MC2-HP design delivers the most consistent and repeatable output in the industry. In a precise, carefully monitored yearlong study of the new MC2-HP valve versus the industry's leading competitors, the new Lincoln design proved to be the most dependable output on the market today. 

Because black chromate plating, MC2-HP is the solution for offshore service and other areas where corrosion can be a problem. 

    Model No. 876182
    Brand Lincoln
    Designation 18T
    Maximum Lube Points/Assembly  16
    Maximum Operating Pressure  7500 psi/512 bar 
    Lube Inlet  1/4" NPTF (f) 
    Lube Outlet  1/8" NPSF (f) 
    Performance Indicator Port  5/16" - 24 UNF 
    Material of Construction  Black chromate plated steel 
    Seal Construction  Viton