MC 2 - HP Progressive Divider Valve Single Outlet 12S

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Lincoln® MC 2 - HP Progressive Divider Valve Single Outlet 12S

Natural gas compressors operate at higher speeds and pressures than ever before, and profitability depends on machines running continuously with minimal downtime. Lincoln's re-engineered progressive divider valve can revolutionize your operation because it delivers oil reliable and consistently at higher back-pressures and lower lubricant flow rates. 

The improved piston design of the new MC2-HP incorporates a longer land area that substantially minimizes internal leakage, resulting in reliable and accurate oil delivery to all compressor cylinder and rod packing points. In fact, the MC2-HP design delivers the most consistent and repeatable output in the industry. In a precise, carefully monitored yearlong study of the new MC2-HP valve versus the industry leading competitors, the new Lincoln design proved to be the most dependable output on the market today. Because black chromate plating is three times more effective than nickel plating, MC2-HP is the solution for offshore service and other areas where corrosion can be a problem.

Proximity Switch: A magnetic reed switch that attaches to divider valve for use in hazardous environments. 

    Model No. 876121
    Brand Lincoln
    Designation 12S
    Maximum Lube Points/Assembly  16
    Maximum Operating Pressure  7500 psi/512 bar 
    Lube Inlet  1/4" NPTF (f) 
    Lube Outlet  1/8" NPSF (f) 
    Performance Indicator Port  5/16" - 24 UNF 
    Material of Construction  Black chromate plated steel 
    Seal Construction  Viton