Multi Trolley - Worker Version

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Multi Trolley - Worker Version

Most awkward items are typically moved by hand, with two or more people sacrificing their backs to get these items from one place to another.  Not only is there a risk of workplace injury, these tasks are often time consuming.  The Multi Trolley is here to save backs, save time, and save costs.  Here are some of the items that are easier to transport with the Multi Trolley: Desks, Tables, Beds, Sofas, Cabinets, Panel-Shaped Items, and more.

The Multi Trolley Worker is a platform-base cart with a set of 23" fixed poles, and two sets of adjustable poles (39" and 47") that allow you to easily lift the Trolley onto the item you'll be transporting, clamp the adjustable poles, and then easily rotate the item to rest on the Trolley.  The poles keep the awkward item in place and allows for easy transport by a single person.  With all swivel casters, getting through tight spaces is easy, and with the extra set of adjustable poles you can carry even more items at a time.

If you or people in your workplace find yourselves having to move these cumbersome items often, the Multi Trolley is your solution.

  • Increase productivity and decrease injuries
  • Ergonomic design
  • 550 lb. capacity

Capacity 550 lbs
Model No. MT16-W-111-PW
Weight 33 lbs
Height 23" fixed poles, 39" and 47" adjustable poles
Brand Multi Trolley
Width 22"
Length 31"