Oil Pump Transfer Package

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Lincoln® Oil Pump Transfer Package

The Lincoln 1:1 ratio fluid transfer pump was designed for quick, reliable and economical transfer of motor oil, ATF, gear oil and hydraulic fluids from all types of standard containers. An upgraded version of Lincoln's proven pump technology, it provides a practical method of delivering fluid from large storage tanks or drums, through supply lines, to hose reels or other bulk oil service outlets. In addition, these high-volume pumps are suitable for use with 16 and 55 gallon (60,5 and 208 liter) drums and bulk storage tanks. Each pump comes with a 33-1/2" (85 cm) plastic extension tube that can be cut to fit the specific tank or drum depth. 

Operating under constant pressure, this positive-displacement pump starts automatically when the dispense valve is opened and shuts off automatically when the valve is closed. It features a universal suction tube and is capable of use with installed piping, hose and spigot valves, as well as suitable for installation on mobile lube carts. 

1:1 ratio fluid transfer pump advantages: 

  • Efficiently and quickly transfers fluids from all types of standard containers 
  • Delivers proven, reliable performance at a competitive price 
  • Pump stalls against pressure and is activated by opening dispense valve 
  • Features universal suction tube 
  • Functions in harsh environments 
  • Capable of use with installed piping, hose and spigot valves and can be installed on mobile lube carts 
  • Totally serviceable 
Model No. 384829
Brand Lincoln
Maximum Input/Output Pressure 200 psi/13,8 bar 
Air Inlet  1/4" NPTF (f) 
Fluid Outlet  1" NPTF (f) 
Free Delivery  14 gal./min. (53 I/min.)
Displacement Per Cycle  10-1/2"3 (172 cm3) 
Bung Bushing  integrated, 2" 
Universal Suction Tube  33-1/2" (85 cm), can cut to fit specific tank or drum depth 
Stub Pump Material  Metal 
Optional  low-level cut-off valve