Precision Grease Gun

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Lincoln® Precision Grease Gun

  • Exclusive toggle mechanism design uses compound leverage for high-pressure pumping with little effort
  • Rust-resistant plated gun barrel and handle black enamel head
  • Equipped with filler nipple for a fast refill from Lincoln filler pump
  • 21 oz. (595 cm³) Bulk capacity for heavy-duty greasing applications

Specifications: Lubricant output 1 oz. (28 cm³) per 25 strokes using No. 1 cup grease at 70°F (21°C). Barrel diameter 2-1/4 in. (57 mm.)

Model No. 1035
Capacity Size Bulk 21 oz. 
Capacity Size Cartridge 14.5 oz. 
Extension 6" model, 62028 and model 5845 coupler
Size  27-1/4"
Maximum Pressure 7000 psi/483 bar