Quicklub Centralized Lubrication Kit

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Lincoln Quicklub Centralized Lubrication Kit

?These kits are designed to service up to 12 points from a single grease fitting utilizing our 12-pointt SSV series divider valve. The kits, which are available with or without a grease gun, include all componetry required to install the system. Kits are available primed with NLGI #2 grease or non-filled if a specific grade of type of grease is to be used.

These kits effectively replace the concept of using grease fittings mounted to a central manifold with a system that delivers precise amounts of lubricant, fully monitored with the divider valve's indicator pin. Kits include 100' 1/4" nylon tubing, 12 straight Quicklinc tube fittings, 12 Zerk-Lock adapters, mounting clips and hardware. 

  • 100' ¼" nylon tubing Pre-filled
  • 12 straight Quicklinc® tube fittings
  • 12 Zerk-Lock™ adapters
  • mounting clips
  • hardware
  • grease gun
Model No. 87412
Description Complete kit with grease gun for permanent mounting
Tubing  Pre-Filled