Quicklub QLS 311 Oil Back Valve Remote Control (SSV12)

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Lincoln® Quicklub QLS 311 For Oil Back Valve Remote Control SSV12 Valve Type

The QLS 301/311 for Remote Control allows customers to be in control of the lubrication process. The 24 VCD models monitor system cycling with a proximity switch. An external timer or PLC controls the interval between lube cycles. The 120 VAC models have no cycle monitoring and are on/off controlled by the user's external timer or PLC. The minimum pause time requirements should be followed when setting up the external controller.

  • Compact pre-assembled pump and metering valve work with customer's PLCs, no need for separate controller.
  • For oil QLS 311
  • Works between -10°F and 158°F allowing operation in many environments


Model No. P31161411110
Operating Voltage - 24 VDC
- 120 VAC
- 50/60 Hz 
Operating Current  - 24 VDC/ 1.0 A
- 120 VAC / 1.0 A 
Operating Temperature - -10°F to 158°F/-25°C to 70°C
Number of Outlets 6, 8, 12, or 18
Reservoir Capacity  61"/1.0 L
Protection  NEMA 4
Minimum Pause Time 4 min. DC models/20 min. AC models 
Maximum Operating Time 25 min. DC models/15 min. AC models 
Timer Memory  Indefinite 
Maximum Operating Pressure -Grease: 3000 psi/205 bar
- Oil: 1160 psi/80 bar 
Output per Outlet & Cycle  approx. 0.012"/approx. 0.2 cm.
Lubricant  up to NLGI 2 grease or oil with at least 40cSt. 
Weight  12.5 lbs./5.7 kg.