Rack Sentry Countour Upright Guard (6-Pack)

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Sentry Pro® Countour Rack Upright Guard

Made out of high density polyethylene fits any brand of rack uprights w/ face 3" wide.

Guard is 18" tall and comes equipped w/ two VELCRO® straps making installation solid and secure. The HDPE body can withstand hits and push in but after pressure is removed the dent in the guard will eventually pop back out.

  • Sold in cartons of 6 units
  • Cutout in the body of the guard allows for installation directly over beams connected to the upright being protected.
  • VELCRO® Straps are long and strong.
  • ?Low profile yet effective at protecting rack uprights.?


Material High density polyethylene
Model No. RSC-75
Dimensions 18"H x 5"W x 5"D
Color Safety yellow
Brand Sentry
Opening Width 3"