Rack Sentry Contour - Upright Guard

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Upright Face Width
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Sentry Pro® Countour Rack Upright Guard

Molded from a proprietary mix of flexible polymers, the CONTOUR minimizes the force of forklift impact that can damage the structural integrity of the racks. A contoured shape and slim profile increase rack clearance available to forklift drivers. Beam cut-outs on return arms accommodate horizontal beam installations 5" or 7" from the floor. Easy installation with hook and loop straps. Fits over beam connector hardware. Hinged arms remove for protecting half-depth racks. Yellow. Overall Height 18 In., Overall Depth 6 In.

  • Sold in cartons of 6 units
  • Cutout in the body of the guard allows for installation directly over beams connected to the upright being protected.
  • Low profile yet effective at protecting rack uprights.
Material High-density polyethylene
Color Safety yellow
Brand Sentry
Model No. Upright Face Width Overall Width Carton Quantity
RSC-75 3" 5 in 6
RSC-80 3.25" 6 in 6
RSC-90 3.5" 5 in 6
RSC-100 4" 6 in 6
RSC-120 4.75" 6-3/4 in 6