Rear Axle Adapter for Engine Stands

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Merrick Machine® Rear Axle Adapter for Engine Stands

The Rear End Axle Adapter allows you to convert any ordinary engine stand into a powerful versatile axle workstation. Get double duty from your engine stand! The Engine Stand Axle Adapter allows you to securely hold an axle or transaxle at a comfortable height. Pivot the axle or rotate it within its holder to facilitate easy access to the part on which you are working or painting. Fits virtually every engine stand available. Just bolt it on and go to work!

Jaws adjust to hold almost any axle configuration. Takes advantage of the flexibility and maneuverability of your engine stand allowing you to inspect and service rear gears, wheel bearings, and brakes and replace components without getting down on the shop floor.

  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Made of rubbed 1/4" plate steel
  • Holds securely at comfortable working levels and angles
Material 1/4" Rugged plate steel
Model No. M998084
Weight 15 lbs.
Brand Merrick Machine