S.S. Joining Clips for EcoPolyBlend Accumulation Centers (One Pair)

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Justrite® Stainless Steel Joining Clips for Connecting EcoPolyBlend Centers

Justrite Stainless Steel Joining Clips for connecting EcoPolyBlend® Accumulation Centers (one pair - model 28926) allows you to increase sump capacity for accumulation centers by joining 4-drum and smaller units together. Use in applications that require a continuous sump.

These tough stainless steel clips measure 4 in x 2 in (102 mm x 51 mm) and can be used in tandem with Justrite Sump-to-Sump Drain Kits to ensure pallets and accumulation centers are connected safely and securely.

With a net weight of only 0.4 lb (0.2 kg), our joining clips allow you to easily join centers together on-site, creating a scalable, modular network of spill control pallets and accumulation centers that you can increase or decrease depending on your spill containment needs.

Why do you need it?

When it comes to spill containment in the workplace, it is essential to have the right equipment to ensure leaks and spills do not get out into the environment. Implementing spill control pallets and accumulation centers is important, but if you do not have enough sump capacity it can result in not properly containing incidental leaks and spills. In addition, if you are using 4-drum and smaller accumulation centers in the workplace, you need to join them together for a minimum sump capacity of 71 gal (270 L) in order to meet full EPA compliance and other regulations.

Using model 28926 stainless steel joining clips helps solve both of these issues, allowing you to create a modular network of spill containment pallets and accumulation centers, while also ensuring full compliance with regulations when the connected sump capacity reaches 71 gal (270 L).

In addition to adhering to compliance, it is important to keep pallets and centers clipped for safety reasons. There are many things that can happen in a workplace - even something as simple as bumping unclipped accumulation centers could result in an unnecessary or hazardous spill.

Product Summary:

  • Unites 4-drum (and smaller) spill containment pallets or accumulation centers to reach needed sump capacity
  • Meets EPA requirements when sump capacities reach 71 gal (270 L)
  • Can be used in tandem with Justrite Sump-to-Sump® Drain Kits for EcoPolyBlend® Accumulation Centers
  • Made from extra durable, eco-friendly stainless steel
  • Simple, easy-to-use design ensures proper usage - and proper results
Material Stainless Steel
Model No. 28926
Brand Justrite