Tire Inflator Assembly

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Lincoln® Tire Inflator Assembly

Typically installed lubrication and lubrication truck drawings - typical fast lube systems. Typical fast lube system - bill of materials, lubrication console. 

  • 12" hose extension provides extra-reach capacity 
  • Tapered chuck nut allows inflator to fit wheel covers on cars and light trucks 
  • Dual chuck permits use on trucks with dual tires
  • Includes model 11659 nipple for use with model 815 coupler. Maximum inlet pressure 200 psi/14 bar
  • 0 to 120 psi (0 to 8 bar) scale in 2 psi (0,14 bar) graduations
Model No. 80423
Brand Lincoln
Code  5
Required  1
Description  Tire inflator with gauge