Trailer Stabilizing Jack

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Wesco® Trailer Stabilizing Jack

  • High strength steel construction.
  • Adjustable height for leveling of trailers parked on uneven ground.
  • Broud base prevents trailer dollies from sinking into soft surfaces.
  • Prevents up-ending of semi-trailers when not connected to a truck during loading/unloading.
  • two way reversible hand ratchet, 6" x 24" long beam, 5" triangular base, 8" semi-pneumatic wheels, and 4" semi-steel wheels.
  • Wesco recommends always using at least two jacks per trailer. Meets OSHA requirements.

Static Capacity: 100,000 lbs.

Lifting Capacity: 50,000 lbs.

Capacity Static Capacity: 100,000 lbs. Lifting Capacity: 40,000 lbs.
Model No. 272956
Dimensions 14.5"W x 26.5
Weight 160 lbs.
Wheel Type Two 8" Semi-Pneumatic and two Semi-Steel wheels