Used Fluid Drain

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Used Fluid Drain - 18 gallon  - 3601

Designed as an affordable option for used fluid collection, model 3601 features all steel construction and a 14" diameter funnel. Height is adjustable from 45 to 72", and the unit maneuvers on two 3" ball-bearing swivel casters and two 6" fixed-axle wheels. 

Pressurized (self-evacuating) used fluid collection equipment is common in many automotive series shops because the reservoirs can be evacuated quickly and cleanly without the need for external pumps or fluid transfer systems. When a reservoir is full, it's typically rolled to a bulk storage access point, where compressed air is used to force the fluid out under pressure. All Lincoln self-evacuating models have a built-in regulator that reduces shop air pressure down to a safe level for evacuation as well as a backup safety valve to prevent over-pressurization. 

  • Standard shop air connection fitting 
  • Preset pressure regulator reduces inlet pressure
  • Wire-reinforced dispense hose with J-hook nozzle 
  • Volume level sight tube indicates fluid level in reservoir]
  • Height-adjustable telescoping bowl 
  • Safety relief valve prevents over-pressurization
  • Screen prevents debris from entering reservoir
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Model No. 3601
Description Self-evacuating upright drain technical data
Capacity 18 gal.
Bowl Diameter  14"
Bowl Configuration Center Mount 
Reservoir Material  Steel 
Front Wheels (qty. 2) - swivel casters 3"
Rear Wheels (qty. 2) - fixed - axle 6"
Minimum Height  45"
Maximum Height  72"
Size  16 x 18 x 45"