Vending Machine Truck Tall Brute

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Dutro® Tall Brute Vending Machine Truck

The Dutro Brute Vending Truck, with its large wheels that pivot back to handle big loads, is designed specifically for transporting vending machines and video games. This truck comes equipped with binder straps and 1600 lbs of capacity to secure your load during transport.

Place your order today for a truck that offers safety and stability to the mover of vending machines and arcade game machines.

Capacity 1600 lbs
Material Steel
Model No. 1878
Dimensions 78-1/4"H x 24-1/8"W x 16-1/4"L
Weight 116.2 lbs
Toe Plate Size 4-1/2" clear x 24" wide x 1/4" thick