Bench & Plunger Cans

We carry a variety of safety products to cover all your needs. When using flammable or volatile liquids for cleaning, using a safety bench or plunger can is the safest way to dispense what you need. With the bench cans, the liquid is stored underneath a spring-loaded mesh shield, and pressing down on this shield will allow easy access to the liquid for bathing equipment in solvents or detergents.  If you need a safe way to dispense these liquids for cleaning surfaces with a sponge or rag, the plunger cans are your safest solution.  Just place the sponge on top of the plunger and push down, and the liquid will be pumped up into the plunger and absorbed by the sponge.  Since the storage compartment of the liquid is enclosed, there's no need to worry about fire dangers.  We only sell from trusted manufacturers like Justrite® and Eagle®, so there's no need to worry about the quality of your purchase.  Stay safe and buy today.